Dana S

Dana S is the entry level line of DANA, a light, user-friendly micro-infusor with all the characteristics needed to manage the insulin therapy.

Technical specifications

  • Precise infusion ±4% error
  • Possibility to control the basal rate from 0.04 to 16 U/h with increases of 0.01, 0.05 and 0.1 U/h (programmable) with 100 U/ml.
  • Possibility to control the pre-meal bolus with minimum increase of 0.05 units to 80 units
  • 24 (upon request 48) basal infusion rates, programmable one by one or in groups of hours, to give each profile the possibility to visualize on the display the total basal amount of insulin injected in 24 hours
  • 4 customizable profiles for the basal rate, each one of them programmable with 24 (48 upon request) rates
  • Possibility to visualize on the microinfusor and remote control display the amount of insulin delivered (basal + bolus) from midnight. Records of the last 500 data (500 units of basal insulin + bolus, 500 glycaemia and 500 data about the eaten carbohydrates)
  • Possibility to change the basal dose according to stress, lifestyle and pathology. It is possible to increase or decrease the dose with a basal/bolo percentage ratio from the pump and from the remote control.
  • Teflon needles of various sizes are available
  • During the day profile of pre-programmed infusion, it is possible to change the temporary basal rate from 30 min to 24 hours. After the scheduled period of time, the rate will automatically go back to the previous one. This can be controlled by the microinfusor.

Three pre-meal programs for bolus:

  • “normal or standard bolus” delivered at 1 unit each 12, 30 or 60 seconds (programmable)
  • “square-waved bolus” temporary program which varies from 30 min to 8 hours with increases every 30 min
  • “dual wave bolus” synchronization function of the above mentioned boluses

Display backlight on the pump and on the remote control to see it during the night. Possibility to customize the display and the pump functions according to the level of the patient, blocking some functions/features through a medical menu protected by a password.

Alarms and safety

  • Ringtone with adjustable volume
  • Low battery
  • Insulin recharge
  • Occlusions
  • Glycaemia control
  • Error control
  • System error
  • Button lock mode to prevent unintended operations
  • Bolo frequency restriction
  • Insulin activity monitoring (active insulin)
  • Maximum bolus per day restriction
  • Basal rate restriction
  • Bolus function block to prevent an insulin overdose
  • Recorded data with visualization of the latest 100 alarms with date and time of the event
  • Programmable auto-switching off
  • Information about the no-bolus administration with 4 alarm “no bolus”
  • Water- resistant IPX8