It is the branch of medicine which provides diagnoses at a distance, via phone, using devices to measure the pathological symptoms of the patient, sending them to a health care centre through the telecommunication and online technologies.

Ubique service

The telemedicine service is provided in four phases:

  • The levels are measured at home using the microinfusor and some other devices given to the patient.
  • These instruments are connected to a device (Hub) which sends the data to the central system, where all the information are stored and available to the patient himself, the doctor, the central health care centre and to other authorized people (for example a specialist doctor, a care-giver).
  • The service provider gathers all the data in a protected database.
  • Every day the service provider monitors the data stored in the central database according to a triage system, with prefixed thresholds.

The service manages to monitor both the therapy parameters (basal bolus) and some clinical parameters like pressure, glycaemia, weight, carbohydrates.


  • Dana S
  • Dana sg
  • Dana R
  • Dana Ubique